9 to 5

Character: Violet Newstead
Theatre: The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center

Character Actor
Margaret Alyson Johnson
Maria Andrea Diaz
Josh / Office Worker Craig Smith
Dwanye / Office Worker Craig Smith
Joe Dongwoo Kang
Kathy / Dance Captain Indigo Leigh
Franklin Hart, JR Jason Bowen
Doralee Rhodes Lauren Echausse
Tinsworthy Lon Ward Abrams
Roz Keith Marissa Volpe
Missy / Office Worker Rachel Whittington
Dick / Office Worker Sage Spiker
Judy Bernly Sara Delbeato
Violet Newstead Whitney Morse
US / Hart, Tinsworthy & Dwyane Alec Speers
US / Missy, Kathy, Margaret & Maria Autumn Encarnation
US / Violet, Roz Heather Ard
US / Joe, Josh & Dick James Blaisdell
US / Doralee & Judy Rachel Whittington
Title Name
Artistic Director Whitney Morse
Producer Jason Goedken
Director Nathaniel Niemi
Stage Manager Grace Zottig
Asst. Stage Manager / Dramaturgy Stephanie Horn
Set Design / Automation / Fly Kenneth Constant
Production Manager Danielle Paccione
Technical Director Clayton Becker
Company Manager Ryan Loeckel
Asst. Production Manager Layna Sasser
Asst. Production Manager Leslie Munson
Literary Manager Rachel Whittington
Studio House Manager / Safety Officer Grace Petty
Sharon House Manager / Safety Officer Heather Ard
Choreographer Indigo Leigh
Costume Designer Annie Trombo
Lighting Director / Designer David Krupla
Asst. Lighting Designer / Light Board Operator Lindsey Young
Sound AV Designer Nick Erickson
Props Designer / Master Haley Borodine
Programmer Omri Schwartz
Programmer / Additional Carpentry Luke Bezio
Additional Carpentry Tony Fairchild
Additional Carpentry David Bost
Music Director / Conductor Gary Powell
Asst. Music Director / Percussion / Violin Ryan Loeckel
Electric / Acoustic Guitar Bill Neale
Keyboard Sean Pollack
Keybooard 2 Kill Marrese
Double Bassist / Bass Guitarist Jazmine Whipple
Drums / Percussion Rich Roeske