Jeeves At Sea at First Folio Theatre

So it has been a while since Jeeves At Sea closed, but I have just been too darn busy to update my website.   Silly me!  But here it is al long last: Jeeves at Sea Production Photos and Reviews:

Jeeves D

Whitney Morse with Joe Foust and Christian Grey Photo by: D. Rice

“Whitney Morse shines as Miss Minerva Pilbeam. While stern and straightforward in character, Whitney Morse has an eloquent, one of a kind character voice and strong stage presence that stands out among the cast, and delivers some terrific laugh lines along the way.” – Luke Simone for The Chicago Stage Standard. Read the full review HERE.

Jeeves B

Kate McDermott, Christian Grey, Jim McCance, Joe Foust Whitney Morse and Andrew Behling.  Photo by: D. Rice

“…stern Miss Pillbeam, done slyly and well by Whitney Morse” – Crista Zivanovic for Northwest Indiana Times.  Read the full review HERE.


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Next To Normal Review Round Up

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.04.24 AM

‘The performance (and especially the singing) of Whitney Morse as Diana, the mother whose illness threatens to wreck her family as well as her own life, suggests much bigger things in her future: she’s rueful but free of self-pity, funny without resorting to stereotype, and all-around engaging.” – Kelly Kleiman for Dueling Critics

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“Whitney Morse does a spectacular job and has a vocal range that is wonderful.” – Alan Bresloff for Around Town Chicago

Read full review – HERE.

“Whitney Morse gives a tour de force performance as Diana, the woman who can never let go of her first child’s death.” – Angela Allyn for Chicago Stage Standard.

Read full review – HERE

“Whitney Morse cycles between sweetness, sarcasm, and psychosis but is at her most chilling acting out the aftereffects of electroshock therapy and sedation” – Marissa Oberlander for The Chicago Reader

Read the full review – HERE.

“Whitney Morse, who I really liked last year in The Children’s Hour in another dramatically-intense role, is outstanding here as Diana.” – Seth Saith for

Read full review – HERE.

Other Desert Cities Photos and Reviews


“Whitney Morse, one of Chicago’s finest young actresses, thoroughly inhabits the role of Brooke. A stunningly versatile performer, memorable for her diverse performances in productions of “The Children’s Hour” and “Accomplice,” Ms. Morse makes this young writer, who’s suffered through depression and the demands of family pressure, a real, live woman. The empathy and honesty she brings to the stage is heartfelt and a palpable.” – Colin Douglass

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“a dynamic performance by Whitney Morse” – Alan Bresloff

Read the full review here:

The Chicago Tribune for The Pioneer Press:

“This is a fine production of a terrific play”

Read full review here:

Down Range Review Round Up

Whitney Morse and Carey Lee Burton

Whitney Morse and Carey Lee Burton

Lucas Thatcher, Whitney Morse and Carey Lee Burton

Lucas Thatcher, Whitney Morse and Carey Lee Burton

“Whitney Morse, another area actress who has impressed in past productions (from Jedlicka’s “Accomplice” to Pride Films and Plays‘ “The Children’s Hour”) adds the role of German-born Eva to her varied resume. Without making Eva a caricature, Ms. Morse offers just enough hint of dialect to make her character convincing. She easily conveys everything this role demands, from supportive friend to smoldering sexpot. Once again Whitney Morse demonstrates what a surprising and versatile young actress she’s become in a short time. In my book, she is  an artist to watch.” – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review Full Review “Carey Lee Burton and Whitney Morse portray their long suffering wives. They both capture the fear and loneliness of women whose husbands are gone for months at a time.   Burton provides some of the most emotional moments in the play. We can relate to her as she goes from failed project to failed project, trying to find meaning in her life beyond her marriage.   Whitney Morse is the worldly Eva, a German who just wants more excitement in her mundane life. Her German accent is excellent- and she has a warm presence on stage.” – Drew Wanket, Chicago Stage Standard Full Review

A Long Overdue Update

After working a full season at First Folio Theatre I took a much needed and necessary one year maternity leave.  In September of 2013 I returned to the Chicago Theatre Scene in full force staring in Accomplice at Jedlicka Performing Arts Center in Cicero.  It was great fun and I got to kill lots of people.  

Check out a review of Accomplice here –

Then, shortly after closing Accomplice, I began rehearsals for The Children’s Hour with Pride Films & Plays.  That is currently open and runs until February 9th 2014.

And just for fun, here is a photo of my newest life long cast mate – My dearest son Clifford – f_IMG570400000

Reviews of The Children’s Hour


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