Greatworks Touring Children’s Theatre

In February 2014 I started working with Greatworks Touring Chidren’s Theatre playing multiple roles Fractured Fairy Tales.  Since then I have been added to the casts of The Giver and Number The Stars.  These three shows have kept me busy, and happy.   I love being part of of this tight knit acting ensemble.  We tour all around the midwest performing shows for children from 4 to 14 years old.   We go to schools libraries, performing arts centers and cultural centers.

FFT Photo

Fractured Fairy Tales

Number the stars photo

Number The Stars

“Our goal is to bring your kids stories and ideas that will stick with them for years to come, and to make their experience a good theatrical event as well as an educational event. Every show has multiple layers of humor and meaning written into them, so that everyone watching – student and teacher alike – is getting something unique and personal out of the production. The shows are performed by some of the best acting talent in the city, artists who bring the same level of commitment and theatrical quality to your school as they do in their “night jobs” in Chicago’s busy professional theatres. ”  Read  more about us at: