March 12th – 28th

Monday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm
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Why and how does music make us feel? How is music linked to speech? To language? A simultaneous artistic and scientific investigation, HOLD MUSIC takes us on a journey into a single thinker’s imaginative world of songs, theories, and memories. Mimicking musical structure, narratives intertwine to form a symphonic story about the way people listen–to the world around them as well as to each other. A man keeps getting things stuck in his head. A song. And then a memory. Now a woman. This woman wants to fall down. Drawing upon Einstein’s formulations of gravity, the project explores how a hunch becomes an idea, how an idea becomes a law, and how we listen and fall during a process of discovery.

Written by Calla Videt and B. Walker Sampson
Directed by Calla Videt

“Videt and her company reimagine the elements of the avant garde in their own, exciting terms–and with flashes of humor.”